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OK, we know the score, its the end of term and you've been partying like crazy. You've just about managed to book your removal service with Sheffield's number 1 Student Removal Service (or your parents have at least! :)) and it's time to pack!

Arghhh... the thought of all that packing, especially with a massive hangover, you just cant bare the thought!

Well, fear not! For the Removals4Students team are here to help! We offer a wide range of packing services that cater for all your needs. From simple turning up and boxing all your items up, right through to bubble wrapping your valuable breakables and sorting out each rooms items and labeling the boxes and unpacking them at the other end

We can take care of everything for you so all you need to do is wake up, get dressed and turn up at your new place, all moved in and unpacked for you. Who else could do this for you? The only company prepared to help you out like this is of course, you guessed it, REMOVALS4STUDENTS!

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Student Packing Services