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Is storage available?

Yes we have storage space available although this space can get taken up pretty quickly during term start and end times so please get in touch in advance to avoid disappointment

Do you do all the lifting, loading etc.?

Indeed we do. The only time you will do any lifting is when you only book a 1 man service and our staff member requires assistance with any heavy and large items. Other than that, you can leave everything to us

Do you supply removal boxes?

We don't supply removal boxes directly, however, we do have a deal with a removal packaging company where you can visit their moving kits website and order online. Be sure to specify the voucher code of 'VMH241' and you will receive a discount on all your removals packaging

How and when do we pay Removals4Students?

We will require payment in cash on completion of job. Cheque and Bank Transfer is also accepted. If your job requires us to pick up from a city outside of Sheffield first, then we will need a deposit paid into our bank before the work will start

Do I need to take out any insurance?

Absolutely not! We are a professional Man and Van Removals Company. We are fully insured with Goods in Transit plus Public Liability Insurance so all of your goods are covered from the moment we pick them up in your house, transport them in the van, and then place them back in your new place. We've never had to use our insurance yet, but for your peace of mind, your brand new laptop is covered with us should any freak accidents occur along the way!

Do you offer student discounts?

Perhaps you haven't read the title of our company? REMOVALS4STUDENTS! We are a dedicated Student Removals company so all our prices are already discounted from the normal prices you would receive from the average Man and Van on the street. We like to help all students out but can't give the service away, if we offered any more discount we'd go bust and then you'd be left with the more expensive boys to move you! We do require that you show us a valid NUS card before we carry out the move to prove that you really are a student!

What are your contact details?

You can contact us using the enquiry from on the Contact Us section of this website. Alternatively you can reach us on 07977 93 00 93. Please be aware that we are on the road a lot and can't always answer the phone whilst driving or if in the middle of moving heavy items down flights of stairs so please leave us a voice or text message and we will endevour to return your call as quickly as possible

Do you need much notice before making a booking?

During start and end of term times in June and September? YES YES YES! This is our busiest period and we often have the vans out from early morning until late at night trying to cope with the volume of students moving to and fro. Every year we have people ringing us asking if we can move them on the day of their move! We almost certainly can't! Please book in advance to avoid disappointment

Can we travel with you?

Yes of course you can. We have either 1 or 2 spare seats in the van depending on whether you have booked a 1 or 2 man removal service with us so you are more than welcome to travel to your new place with us

Can you help me with my packing?

We certainly can! We offer a whole range of packing services from packing up all your items in your home right up to unpacking again at the other end or you could just have us come in to help you pack the last few bits and bobs before your removal day. Just contact us and ask us for more details on our Student Packing Services and we'll be happy to help you out

My house is a disgrace, I don't know how to clean. HELP!

That's ok. We also offer a range of cleaning services taylored to your budget. Anything from a quick dust and clean of surfaces right up to cleaning your cooking appliances and carpets. Just ask us about our Student Cleaning Services for more information

Can you dismantle my furniture?

Our team of experts are here on hand to dismantle all your flat pack furniture so it can be moved out of your home and safely transported. Not only that, we can put it back up again in your new place. We are also happy to come out on a different day and assemble any new flat pack furniture that you have ordered. Just contact us now to book your Flat Pack Furniture Service

Do I need to empty drawers before they are moved?

This really depends on the contents of your drawers. If they contain breakables then they will definitely need to be packed safely so that they won't break during transit. If it's nothing but clothes and items that are not going to get damaged then you are fine, we can take the drawers out and carry them down individually if they are heavy, if not, we'll carry the unit down in one go

Removals 4 Students FAQS